The classrooms Class IX – XII have new and improved audio visual systems. This includes LED Boards with enhanced touch screen. These classrooms allow teachers to engage in both online and offline teaching in real time. In addition to increasing student engagement through sharing and collaboration these AV Systems will provide opportunities for frequent practice and feed back during class sessions which is critical to the learning process.


The School boasts of an exclusive 25meter six-lane swimming pool. Swimming lessons are a part of the School’s regular curriculum. Regular Competitions are conducted at District, State and International levels. Coaching is provided by trainers who have handled National teams.The ORCA Inter School Swimming Meet is a popular annual event.


Besides providing enough opportunities for outdoor sports, the School has also provided for Carrom, Table Tennis, Chess and other indoor games which occupy the students’ time during their leisure hours.


The school provides training to its teachers in audio visual methods so that they can introduce new teaching techniques. Every teacher acquires a thorough knowledge of handling audio-visual equipment. The teachers use 3D animations, power point presentations and slide shows to bring lessons to life. There is a 24 hour Internet connection for students and teachers to browse different educational sites.


Health plays an important role in every field of life and to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind, the right balance of exercise and meditation is a pre-requisite. Keeping in mind the health and fitness of its students, the School provides a state-of-the-art gymnasium within the campus. Instructors and trainers are available throughout the day to train the students. A number of floor exercises, aerobics and stretching exercises are done in the gymnasium to ensure the physical well being of our students.


Music is a vital part of education here at Manthan and we ensure that students get an opportunity to play and enjoy all forms of music. Our music room includes instruments that students can play during music classes or club classes. The Music room is used as a place for students to practice and play their preferred instruments. Students who choose to be part of the Music Club may also bring their own instruments. Our instruments include a complete drum kit, keyboards, and guitars (both acoustic and electric), among others.


Students begin understanding, exploring, building and learning concepts through power point presentations and videos on their smart boards, thus enhancing visual–spatial learning. The tools provided are very interactive and are enriched with attractive images and reader friendly content. Also, this digital classroom solution serves to improve the children’s attention span in class.


  • In keeping with the vision of Sir Mutha School the Learning Centre was started in 2012. The objective of the Learning Centre is to help children with special needs and to create awareness among teachers, parents and society at large. We have been working with the special children of our sister institutions too and making difference. Care givers are given a training programme to help the children with special needs in the mainstream class rooms.

  • The Learning Centre for children with learning difficulties has been acclaimed as one of the best by the Madras Dyslexia Association. This helps complete the vision of the School to facilitate he child achieve individual excellence.


The RainbowFish Art Programme has been introduced in our School since June 2015. The curriculum not only helps the students to be creative but also encourages them to appreciate the beauty and arsthetic appeal of varios things they often take for granted.


There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset

   -Arlen specter


  • Technology like art, is a soaring exercise of the human inauguration    - Daniel Bell

  • Computer Labs augmented with Internet connections makes it perfect to connect with and affirm a child’s quest for knowledge.


  • An Occupation Therapy Centre is functioning in the School. The primary role of the Occupational Therapist in Pediatrics is to help children play, grow and develop in many of the skills that enable them to enjoy a satisfying adult life.

  • When a child is having difficulty in writing, poor motor control or short attention span, the Occupational Therapist will assess the child and if needed, therapy sessions are recommended for the child to improve. Through Sensory Integration and Bio Mechanical frame of reference a child can improve his gross fine motor co-ordination. This in turn will improve handwriting, attention span, concentration, memory, behavior modification and self esteem. We have seen tremendous improvement in or children who have been attending Occupational Therapy sessions.


Adventure camps with activities like camping, parasailing, rock climbing, rappelling, river – crossing, trekking, powered hang-gliding, aero-modeling and microlight flying are organized to provide hands on experience in survival skills and environmental ethics.


  • Size of the Library in 880Sq.ft

  • No. of Periodicals 7

  • No. of Dailies 2

  • No. of Reference books Primary classes 44 & Secondary 145

  • No. of Magazine 7

  • Others 5924